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how was everybody's opener?

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ours sucked. didn't hear or see a thing :evil:. I guess thats what you get for not scouting enough.
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got three this mornin going back in a hour for the night hunt.
got two this morning just scouted a new place this night and when we walked out to where we were going we had to stop because there was about thirty geese standing there looking at us :D
we don't start untill the eleventh.
But there are about four hundred birds using one of our fields at the moment. :p
It was absolutely awesome !!!!!!!!!!

We shot 23 between 8 of us in the morning, and 14 between 6 of us in the evening.

Definately made me a believer in Hevi-shot and GHG with the flocked heads.

We Limited out before 9:00 am for 7 hunters. 56 Canada Geese, all greaters, 56 ducks.
The Next three days were close to the same. In the first 4 days, we shoot 366 birds for 7 hunters. 52 birds per hunter.

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Nicely done! Ducks already?!?

We got our 4-man limit on the opener and have been doing pretty good thus far, even though it's rained/fog every hunt thus far!
NICE :D We can't get out till this weekend. :x But it will be worth it.
Very nice but what do you plan to do with all those? I can see eating some but you said you got 300 and some within the 4 days. That just seems to be overkill don't you think?
my opener was alright only got 5 out of 2 days but this morning we got 9 and then with the dove season we got 7 doves some extras :D
We did alright this weekend. We only got eleven birds on Sat. but we got twenty three on Sun. only two shy of our limit. :p
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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