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how to hunt snows

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i hunt canadians but i havent ever hunted snows i dont wanna spend alot of money on dekes but id like to try it out and ive heard of just using white garbage sacks and sticking a few canadians with white socks on there heads to imitate blues what do you guys think?
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dont use white garbage bags they shine way too much
you can get 100 snow rags at cabelas for $30
IMO if you dont want to spend any money at all go out and try to passshoot them. Trust me it is just as fun if you get highwinds and snows scraping there bellys along the corn stubble. :wink:
I agree with him just find where their feeding and where they roost and sit wherever they fly some of the shots may be pretty high so you might need 3 1/2 in mags
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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