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how to haul full bodies

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i need to know how you guys are hauling your full bodies around? I use a four wheeler to set out my dekes, i have 1 doz. standard G&H shells, 1 1/2 doz. of the carrylite mags, two dozen silos, and a robo on out four wheeler, i need to get some full bods
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I haul my 4 blinds and 75 fullbodies, along with another 2 dozen shells in an enclosed trailer, really works good.
Do you use a fourwheeler? How big of tailer do you use?
We don't use a trailer we haul ours in a seed corn bag, it is a bag about 6'x6' throw them on a small flat trailer behind our four wheeler or just drive out to our pit. Cause I'm poor and can't afford an enclosed trailer!
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