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how to get dead geese out of water without a dog

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I hunt on a big pond and sometimes when you shoot a goose (or duck) it will fall in the water. I would walk out in the water, but it's like 10 feet deep right in the spot where they would fall. I have a dog, but I am still training with her :( . I was just going to use a fishing rod with a big lure on the end, but if anybody else has any ideas it would really help. Thanks
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How bout a small boat or canoe? Throw rocks to make ripples and push it to the shore. Take off your clothes and swin for him :lol: . Lots of ideas.
I already thought about the take your clothes off and swim out to get him idea :lol: . When you said a small boat or canoe I thought about using a small raft. Thank you. Anybody else have any other ideas?
When I hunt on some of the public ponds that don't allow boats or canoes I used the fishing rod technique or I use a long stick. This seems to work the best for me because I can usually walk out and get close enough to get them with a stick.
Golf ball retriever....extends about 20 ft. With a pair of hip waders does the trick for me. Replaced the ball cup with a gaff :shock:
A fishing rod and a jitter bug work good. The jitter bug stays afloat and has lots of treble hooks to snag either a duck or goose. Just make sure the bird is dead or you will have a fight on your hands!!
Another thing to make sure of if you use this idea; bring your fishing license! Especially on big water, in Pa. the Fish & Boat Com. will cheerfully pinch waterfowlers doing this w/o a fishing license. They'll insist that you're fishing; & you have to prove a otherwise. Even if you put a treble hook setup on a lasso - type rope - they'll be watching. :shock:
:idea: Errrr Helicopter.......... :roll:
:idea: Errrr Crane................ :roll:
:idea: Errrr Hovercraft......... :roll:
But seriously, if you can't retrieve you should not be shooting. :x :x
Thanks to all who have replied and to xtrema, I have never had this problem because they almost always fall right next to us stone dead because we are such great shots :lol: :roll: . I will stick with the fishing rod idea.
me and my friend have both stripped and swam for them IT SUCKS!!!!

especially in the river were we wade out and get ducks but i have a WIRE HAIRED POINTING GRIFFON that i am training and it retrieves good but i havent done anything in the field or water with it yet because it is still a puppy i was told they are good water retrievers anyone know if this is true?
Goose try field hunting...seems your making it tough on yourself...or buy a float tube....i know alotta guys that use these...Honkers41~~~
Well if you dont want to drag a fishing pole with you, you could carry a length of rope with you. I usually have like 20 feet of clothes line coild up and stuffed in my game bag. Its light enough and dose not take up that much room. Tie a stick to it, give it a heave and drag it in.
Good luck
How about one of the "belly boats" that fly fisherman use. Or a small dinghy or a tube that you pull behind a ski boat. They're all fairly cheap and can be pumped up in no time.

Whatever you do, DON"T SWIM FOR IT unless you have a wetsuit and lifejacket. The chance of getting hypothermia is way too great. Your life is worth way more than a goose.
Isn't that what kids are for? Make them go out and get it! haha :mrgreen:
How about a fishing rod and one of them large shark type treble hooks. Flatten the barbs and cast over him and set the hook.
I have used a fishing pole with a buzz bait before. Use heavey test pond line though because you can break it. (did that once). Having a fishing liscense is a must because honest to god i caught a bass one time trying to hook a dead goose in michigans september season. Talk about something to laugh about. We were rolling on the ground.
Xtrema said:
But seriously, if you can't retrieve you should not be shooting. :x :x
And it is against Federal law too. It is called Wanton Waste not to retreive downed birds.
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