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How Many Is Too Many???

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I've noticed that our most successful hunts have been groups of 2 or 3 vs. 10+...

It always seems like in larger groups there are too many people trying to control everything and it ruins the day.

Anyone have the same experience with group size?
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I am with you on that one. Best hunts I have ever had are with groups of 4 or less.
You answered your own question. If you have alot of people then it would be better to platoon them. When 1 gets his limit switch him out with another.
I always go with 2 or 3 people, otherwise it get to be a way too big of group and I don't think the farmer would like 9 or 10 guys out in their field.
I always hunt in a group of 5-6. Its always been that way for me. I have always been really successful like this. You can really cover a spread with this amount.
mallardhunter said:
I don't think the farmer would like 9 or 10 guys out in their field.
I agree with that. I like to have about 3 or 4 people hunting at the same time. I don't mind having more people, but 3 works the best for me and that way, when a flock af 4 comes down, there is no debate over who shot them. :roll:
That's a problem a lot of the time, one person always claims he shot the same bird as someone else all the time, I'd rather just hunt with my G/F and another person.
It also depends on who you hunt with as much as how many. I have goose hunted with 10 guys and it was a great day. We had birds coming in all day right on top of us. I also have taken just one other guy and he moved around and looked up too much. So it depends on what you are comfortable with. I like 4 best as it makes setting and picking up easier. Just my 2 cents.
There are usually two sometimes three of us in a spread of 2-3 dozen. The friend that I hunt with the most does the least amout of work in the field, seems like he sets his blind up then waits for the birds while i set up my blind as well as our three dozen dekes. Think I will be hunt mostly by myself next year that way I can leave when I want and there is no debating about anything.
WillHuntForFood, I've been there before. Doing everything yourself may be more rewarding. I'm going to hunt a lot of my spots this year by myself too, start keeping them on the lowdown. Overcrowding is terrible here, if you've got 5-10 awesome area's to hunt the entire seasonand you bring 1 or 2 friends, word of mouth travels fast and other hunters look out for your truck, trying to work in on your area. This last week of duck season this year was funny, I had 2 other goose spreads within 1/4 mile of my duck spread!!!! Two years ago I had the entire 2 mile square all to myself!!
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