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How many BF's

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I was thinkning about buyin some BF's but I dont know how many I should buy. How many regular and how many feeder type bigfoots should be in the spread (ratio and total amount of dekes as well)? I have a $1,000 limit.
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Let me rephrase the question b/c I am not strictly buying BF's. Other than feeders what should you have in a goose spread (field hunting) and how many.
Have some resting geese and sentries. Now that it's getting Cold, add shells directly on the ground (don't Stake) Use feeder heads turned backwards to simulate sleeping birds or buy the Avery sleepers. Put most of these in your landing zone near and in front of your blinds. Place greeter style birds behind and along side your blind as well.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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