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how many and what kind of deeks to use

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i was just wondering what the right numer of deeks is to use for three people. any pointers will help.
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What kind of geese are the three of you hunting for and what time of year?
we are hunting pretty much all through the hunting season and whatever kind of goose lands in our decoys.
I don't know much about snow and blues, but I will tell you what I know about canada's. Around 50 decoys is more then enough if you are in the area where they want to be. If you are on a X where all the geese want to be, you could even use a dozen decoys. I use around 40 all year round. I don't really set my decoys in a pettern because real geese don't use a pattern! I also don't put all of my decoys facing into the wind because not all real geese face into the wind! I also like to take pictures of the geese on the ground the day before to see how they looked on the ground and try to copy that the next morning. Hope all of this helps. Good luck :)
This was my first year field goose hunting and we got away with a dozen. Thats all we had at our disposal but it worked when we scouted. We were definatly on the X three days cause the geese just locked on our setup. Then there were the hunts when we didnt put in the time and geese paid absolutley no attenition to us at all. I think from what Ive experienced and learned through people on here and articles location is the number one priority.
There are some good pointers here. True you can use just a dozen or so if you are on the X. Even so, I tend to use a rule of 3 dozen per hunter. Sometimes we use less, especially in the early seaon where a doz or less is what we use. Sometimes more, as my main hunting buddy and I tend to put out 8 doz or so in the late season.

I like to use a horseshoe style spread, with geese in family groups of 3-4. The legs of the U is spread out (not just a thin line of decoys), and we place our blinds at the bottom of the U. We place dekes around the blind, and it is also spread out. This works for us, as they come right in and usually have very nice shooting-close in and right off the ground.
Well I have about 12 full bodys and about 36 shells. I plan on switching my whole spread slowly to fulls.
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