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How did your season end up

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Hey im from southern IN. and we killed 117 canadas this year and about 4 ducks this year. I was wondering how everybody elses season ended up this year. We only killed one band this year though wich realls sucks very very bad.
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Im from new york and we killed 50 ducks and 25 geese, we didn't do that much hunting for geese
We still have thirteen days left in our season. Going out this weekend. 8)
hey, qwahonn which state are you hunting in
sorry not state. I am from a Province. I am about two hours east of Vancouver B.C. in the Fraser Valley.
We didn't have a bad season, not as good as last year.....167 geese 98 ducks. I think 2 goose bands and 3 ducks bands this year.
Wow those are some impressive numbers congrats on some great seasons. What are some of your bag limits?
We killed 157 Canadians and 52 ducks Eastern Shore of Maryland
we didnt do too bad this year. killed just under 400 geese most of them were snows. prolly only shot about 50 ducks this year. ended up w/ only 3 bands one a neck band though. still waiting to get the info back on them. shot a neck banded speck last year that was banded in anchorage, alaska that was banded in 1993 so he'd made it down the flyway many times anyway hope everyone else had some good times this year
Nice 400 geese!!! how many people do you hunt with?
I feel rather sheepish right about now. We killed 24 geese and 17 mallards this year....Our best season in three years. O how sad it is!
fisherhunter461 said:
I feel rather sheepish right about now. We killed 24 geese and 17 mallards this year....Our best season in three years. O how sad it is!
That is better then we did, well we had a good average. We just didn't get out enough. The 3 times it was out with just my dad (he doesn't know much about goose hunting, but he loves to shoot them. He tells me, "you know everything about this so just tell me where to set up and put the decoys") we killed 6 geese and he got 2 ducks. The other times I went out (3-4 times), I went with my know it all grandfather :roll: . He really knows nothing at all and we shot nothing. :x :roll: If we went across the field a little more where I said, we would have had a lot more shooting. Next year is the year. 8)
i hunt w/ one other guy sometimes 2 depending on if my other buddy is back from illinois or not
Thats amazing between me, my dad, and my buddy we didnt make double digits. I know that sounds sad but it was the first year we field goose hunted. We used to duck hunt all the time but when we picked up bowhunting it got pushed back. Then last year we started up again, I shot 4 geese, my dad shot one and my buddy shot 3. We only got shooting on 3 different days. (we slacked on the scouting part.) Im hoping for 50 next year.
well good luck to you on your 50 next year definatly have to pick it up on the scouting a lil more if there was a day that we werent hunting we were still out scoutn alota times we werent even in the fields they were goin to we would just set up in a field in thier path to where they were goin most of the time only a dz magnum canada shells would do the job
Two of us hunting - 42 geese - 64 ducks.

Not our best year, but a far cry from our worst!
Thats deffinetly not a bad year. Thats great if you were doing most of your hunting during the regular season(1 bird a day) I wish it were more but we have to do our part in consevation so we'll have to live with it.
yea we did all our hunting during the regular season i moved to colorado before the spring season for snows started and didnt get to make it back for that :( o well theres always next year i guess that sucks you guys only get 1 bird a day, or limits were 3 canadas 2 specks and 20 snows pp a day for our regular season
I wish it was all numbers from the WI regular season. It included a 5 day trip to Saskatchewan and a couple of great early season outings.
Still not bad at all. Did you see the numbers of geese in Saskatchewan that they always show in the vids i mean by the thousands?? Do you hunt with a guide when you take your trips up there?
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