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How did you learn to call for geese and ducks????

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How did you learn to call for geese and ducks? Are there any good videos out there that really help? I bought one video and it sucked, so I went to a lake near by and just listened to the geese/ducks as they landed and flew by. Happy Hunting
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A lot of practice worked for me.

Try the "Honker Talk" a search on google and you'll find it.
I agree Hnker talk is the best video out there. Your idea of going to the lake is a good one, take along a tape player and tape them and then tape yourself also so you know what you sound like. you might want to try a flute in the begining and then move on to a single reed later over the summer to be ready for next year-practice,practice practice. JIM
Lots and Lots of practice... also go to a park and just try to imitate what you hear.
I learned duck calling from my Dad over 30 years ago.
As for Honker calling---listened to others, watching videos a big help there.
I learned from my father who has been hunting for a very long time(about 42 years) he just showed me the basics and told me to go listen to the geese/mallards and to just do the best you can to sound like them.
i am not the best caller but for me starting out with the basic honk with a cheap call and then moving up to shortreed calls helped me. videos didnt help me that much because they are so good i cant think on the same page as them. PRACTICE! have fun!!
I use a Big River Shortreed and it took about 5 hours to learn how to use it and I have never used a call before.
If you haven't got the message yet.PRACTICE, PRACTICE and then some more PRACTICE. :lol: Find a call your comfortable with and do what the gooses do and then just practice.
I had to do things the hard way,I started out on a single reed.I went out for a whole summer and listend to them and learned to imitate them.After you get started out though I have discoverd that you do get what you pay for in a call,but you have to get the basics before you do anything.
well i am a contest duck and goose caller so if u need some help e-mail me and i'll see what i can do. as for videos some are ok on teaching what to do to make the geese listen to you, but this doesn't help you if you don't know how to blow a call yet. so anyways e-mail me at [email protected]
:lol: Just listen to live geese as often as you can! practice as often as you can and the rest will come in time!! As far as videos go I feel that the best ones are honker talk ancient art of paralyzing talk the talk and a cd put out by dave smith out of north plains oregon he blows for bill saunders hes pretty good !! If your making the transition from a flute to a short reed I suggest the Zink SR-1 its an awesome call and pretty easy to learn on!!! If you need any pointers or just someone to listen and critique your sounds just e-mail and I'll get in touch with you and help where ever I can!!
i started out on a primos 911. and then i graduated to a tim grounds guides best flute, and now i blow mostly saunders and grounds. hoprfully my friend goosecutter will hook me up with a freestyle.
We had nobody to teach us how to hunt, so we went to the marsh and listened to how the birds sounded then tried to mimic them. I have killed a lot of ducks with absolutely no calling at all though.

Still trying to figure out the snow geese. I just try to make a lot of noise that sounds like multiple geese. You never get to here just one or two, so it is hard to differentiate between their calls.
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