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How can I make my own concealment?

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I'm a younger hunter (16) in Central PA with out much money and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for concealing myself out in the field. I was trying to think of a way to build a portable blind. My one other idea was to get some burlap, and then zip-tie corn stalks to it. But I need something I can just pick up and use, I don't have a lot of time to actually hunt after school because I must walk very far to the field I'm hunting at. I had a heck of a time with trying to just lay corn stalks on me, the geese flared quickly. Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks :)
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I'll reply to myself haha, I've figured it out. I got some Wetlands camo burlap at Bass Pro Shops and I am going to sew some elastic bands to it so I can stuff whatever material from the field I'm hunting in (cornstalks). :D
When the fields are wet and can't drive out in the field, we use the camo reclining padded seats you purchase at Cabelas. Most of the time there is 4 of us hunting, we just sit in the recliners and don't cover up with anything. Just have our camo clothing on and headnets. Just as long as you DO NOT move, the geese never pick us out. We put decoys (silos) all around us. We have had alot of geese land right beside us and walk around.

When we can drive out we use Avery migrators.

Do you have a picture of that chair? I was looking for it on Cabelas and could not find it.
Your burlap bag with straps sewn on will work just fine and it is quick too.
I read on another chat room sombody was useing PVC pipe to build a layout blind. I do not sugest this PVC,ABS gets verry Brittle when it gets verry cold. years ago i built a blind useing some old chicken wire and some 2x4's this was verry effective and verry cheap it only cost me the price of nails and staples.
chicken wire and weave stubble, grass, whatever into it and then held it up with metal rods.....shot hundreds of geese in layouts now, but there are days I wish I had my rolled up wire blind.........
Go get yourself a mechanics cover alls. the ones that are pants and shirt. Get it extra big so you can wear your cold weather gear under it.

Take your burlap, get some from walmart, die it diff colors with rit die. Cut it into two inch strips about 1 foot long. just tye em on with some thick sewing string. Then shred the burlap (or if you arent worried about making mom or the wife mad, after its finished put it in the wash machine then the dryer)

Once you are in the field you can tye in nat veg and then you can move where ever you want to in your field with out having to worry about moving a blind. You are the blind.

I have snuck into flocks of geese with mine and taken a limit before.

Good luck
C Dubb'nt that called....the waterfowler's Gillie suit?...sounds like a plan..just take a Mat or something with you to lay down on......Honkers41~~~!! :beer:
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