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How big is your spread part 2

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You guys all hunt with a lot of deks but from looking at your locations I assume most of you are hunting in Huge flyways or near them. My question is this, if your field, like mine, only has a few hundred birds in the area would you still put out 10 dozen decoys? Can your spread be to big? Intimidating? We use 2 dozen mag shells and probably 4 dozen big feet. It seems like enough but I wonder if I could have to many deks? I've heard of not enough but can you have to many? especially early season. In MI where i hunt the season is very early. There are virtually zero mirgratorys there when they let us hunt them. Our Nusiance season and regular season run back to back.

Any thought would be appreciated
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IMO you can have to many dekes. I am not on a huge bird population. I don't like to use more than four - five doz in the early season. In Feb - March I don't use more than doz. and a half.(18 dekes).
Tarponman said:
I've heard of not enough but can you have to many? especially early season.
In my estimation you are correct about early season. Less numbers as the flocks are small compared to later on. Often I'll use 9 to 15 FB decoys in our early season.

So yes you can have too many. I remember years ago when the early season first started here. We had out 75+ decoys and only got 7 geese that morning as many skirted the spread out of range and would not commit. Everybody left at noon as it was zero wind. I stayed and only used my 9 FB dekes, and had my limit of 5 by 4pm-all less than 20 yd shots with feet sticking out. :)
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