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How Big Is Your Decoy Spread?

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I was just wondering how big is your decoy spread? I have 6 dozen all together. 3 dozen wind activated, dozen homemade, dozen Shells, 10 Silhouette, and 2 flyers.
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I use 32 bigfeet, 6 doz shells,1 doz magnum shells, 1 doz real silos and 3 doz old wooden silos. Seems like a lot but the other pits on our farm have more than that. JIM
3 dz BFs, 3.5 dz Real Geese Pro silos, 2 dz Mag G&H shells, 1/2 dz socks, 1 dz std G&H shells too. I principally use the BFs and only use the RGs if I need the numbers and its been years sinc eI used the shells. I also have 22 BFs for the water too.
you guys should take a look at the new buckwing decoys, the birds love them, light weight, colapsable, great color.
Hunt over 1dzn Bigfeet and 5 dzn supermag shells now...

Going to 10dzn bigfeet with other partners doing the same. Building the black hole of death...
i have 4 doz bigfoot 4 to 5 doz mag shells and 3 doz herters mag and my partners have 5 to 6 doz shells that we use most of the time and have other if need more. I might invest in some wind activated decoys not sure yet. are they that affective of should i just buy more bigfoots?
If you can afford it go with the bigfeet-can't beat them inmy opinion. JIM
i hunt over about 10 dz bigfoots 3dz silo's and 2 dz shells and about 1dz landers we really pull them in. Does any one know any guide services looking for a guide.
i only use 3 doz shells and 2 flags but i hunt at a spot where we have to carry it all:( Gh
my buddy and i go out the night before and set up the decoys or we just go out really early
our group of three lazy hunters, make the spread depending on temp. we have noticed that the colder it is the more the live geese sit down on their feet looking like a shell. we will use abot 8 doz. in total. big feet and shells. if its warm we use more bgfeet. if its below 30 we use the shells mostly , but our spread always has 3 doz of the higdon motion decoys theese are the best decoys that i have ever unted over, they give you a full body look but move in the slightes breeze.

let em land................noodle
We usually run between 100 to 150 bigfoots depending on who is hunting. When the migrators come down we add silos and try to have 200-250. It kind of depends on what the birds are doing and who is out hunting that day.
We only use2 doz bigfoots,1doz shells ,and 1 doz full bodies and we have absolutly no problem limiting out every weekend. :D
Me and my dad hunt over 5 dozen shells one dozen silos and that is about all oh One flag. The flag makes a big difference.
I have and use around 1000 silhouettes 5 doz full bodies and 6 doz shells. It sucks flight geese in like a magnet and bad weather days geese eat you up, clear cold days if the geese fly their dead. I believe in the black hole thoery. The only problem is when the same geese are in the area for a month they get used to seeing the spread.
We use 2 dozen bigfoots, approximately 8 dozen shells (a mix of magnums and super magnums), 2 dozen outlaw silos, 3 kites, 3 wind socks on elevated poles, and flags (at times). We've had pretty good success simply relying on the bigfoots and a couple dozen shells on late season birds. We've also found that throwing in some field mallards and a mojo mallard really helps. We even throw a few moving bases on some of the bigfoots. Flocking the heads also helps. More realism and more movement in the spread is just as important as the number of decoys.
[12.6 dozen - 152 dekes]
1 dozen Flocked Big Foot fullbody
1 dozen Flocked Greenhead Gear fullbody
2 Flambeau fullbody
9 Flocked Flambeau floaters w/ removable weighted keels
3 G&H Super mag shells
5.5 dozen G&H mag shells
2 dozen G&H regular shells
1 dozen Feather Flex shells
1 dozen Expedite Northwind windsocks style
1 Flag
We're gonna run around 6 dozen fullbodies this late season, along with a few dozen shells if it's cold out. Early season maybe three dozen foots and a dozen silos. Flocking and swivel bases really help, along with two or three flags. 8)
4 field/floater canadas, 100 snow socks, 50 canada socks, give or take a few for ripped socks while making them
Damn SM, Nice to see ya chattin' it up in here!! We need to get some more people over here!!! 8)
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