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home made blinds

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home made blinds
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i was wadering i fany of u have some ideas for home made field goose blinds
I am fixin to build one like the avery migrator but with a few modifications. First I am going to make on a sled like the ones in cabelas but big enough for me to lay in. It won't be collapsable but that just means less time to set it up. It will still have the two doors with bungee cords for assisted opening, but will also have a another door that opens by my feet so i can get in and out easy. Also when all the doors are open it will be an ideal place for decoy bags, gun, and coffee. Then I'll just drag it into the field and shoot at whatever geese decide to come in for a closer look.(HA HA)

I was just thinking that yesterday. I need a sled to haul the silos and 18 shells, gun and ammo box 500 or more yards out in the field. Thought about making 2x4 slids on plywood and making sides and a small doors and customizing to hold all my stuff for the drag.
Sorry :( but I cant seem to find the web site I found earlier but anyhonk he was making his out of electrical conduit. you can probably rent a bender and I think I saw that the conduit is only about 3.50 at the local ace.

Also I know there is a guy on ebay that sells plans for about 7.00

C Dubb
Finished my blind but one problem, it was way too big, it is hard to get into the field since we can't drive on it and it was too much for me. So I gave it to a friend. Now I have a sled that i cut out of an old pickup bed liner. I attached a backrest and a pull rope and it works great. I load all my stuff of it and drag it and let me tell ya it is soooo easy to drag even loaded you barely remember it is behind you. There is a spot under the backrest for shells and what-not. I just lay on it to keep me out of the mud and cover up. I still need a little work on some camo for winter wheat so any ideas there would be helpfull. I though about some green quick grass attached to a piece of burlap but that stuff isn't as cheap as you would think.
I made one out of PVC pipe 3/4 in. made it seven feet long, 18 inches high and around 30 inches wide. covered the bottom with a tarp from walmart and then camod the whole thing with the cornfield camo then did a little more every time I brought it into the field fairly decent luck with it so far made it late in the season.
Iceman, I sent you a PM but I was wondering how you made the blind.

Like how you constructed it and if it has flip open doors, thanks for your time!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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