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ok i don't know how many of you are against the war but here it goes.

there was a Canadian, Osama BinLaden, and Uncle Sam,
they were strolling through the desert and came upon a magic lamp, they rubbed it and a genie popped out and granted each of them a wish, the canadian said, "my family and i are all farmers and i would like all of the land in canada to be fertle." POOF, it was granted, Then osama binladen wanted iraq to be surrounded by a wall that was inpenetrable, so nobody could get in, POOF, it was granted, then Uncle Sam being the engineer he was, he wanted more information about the war, the genie said the wall is one million miles high and 50 miles wide, nobody can enter, That is when Uncle Sam said, "Then fill the walls with water." POOF, it was granted.
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Not to bust or your joke or anything, but what does osama have to do with iraq? :?
i really don't know i just wrote it the way i heard it.
and why cant it be gas instead of water? unleaded that is we dont want to pollute the environment and then we could have the hindenburgh land in the middle of it or whatever blimp it was that blew up
Or we could kill them all and let Allah figure them out
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