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higdon Original Motion Stackable Full Body

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Anybody got an opionon on these?
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Yea I seem to have the same question Charger. I was just wondering how well they look in the field and if they're durable.

Any opinions help to give us an idea.
A couple people told me they liked them.I went ahead and ordered a dozen I'll let you know how I like them.
Good luck, keep me posted on what you think of them.

I'm waiting til spring to get some money to invest in some decoys.

One word " AWESOME!!!!" these decoys look great , ive been told mine look better than the higdon fullbodies, and plus they move around in the slightest of wind and the geese love it. I would love to buy more of them.
Glad to hear it gooseslayer.I just ordered two dozen more because of the sale.That's it I'm done buying decoys this year.My wife thinks I've lost my mind!!!!
You can also get the motion stakes from GHG to use your shells that you already have.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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