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Higdon motion question

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I just got my new Higdon motion full bodies and they look great.I was wondering if the ever spin around in a strong wind so they aren't facing correctly?
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Can a decoy ever be facing the wrong way. Look at live birds on the ground in fields, the heads are every way possible.
Your welcome and I like to take pics of them in the off season in the fields. I will look at the pics and put my decoys the way they were.
Great idea.I sat and watched a flock last Mon on one of my spots.They definetly moved in all directions but they were generally pointed into the North wind.They were spread out tho E to w....I learned to put the decoys all into the wind in a long column.Doesn't mean there isn't other ways to do it.Something else might work better.Again I appreciate your input.I've just got my own spread together.I've got 750 t rags, 2 dozen flambeau shells on motion stakes and now 3 dozen Higdon motion fullbodies.Think I need to use any shells flat on the ground?
I would not use the t rags (unless you are from texas :lol: ). If you have Motion stakes for all of them use them unless there is snow on the ground. If there is snow on the ground, most of the decoys should be placed on the ground without a stake. I watched a flock of 100 feed by a pond and there was only about 4 sleepers in the back of the flock (no snow on the ground). Now when I put decoys out when there isn't any snow on the ground, I put about 4 sleepers in the back of my spread. Good luck.
I got the t rags for field hunting.Cheap #'s.They've worked for us this Jan.We put them behind us upwind of the landing zone.I hope to start upgrading next year.I bought a bunch of them used dirt cheap.Obviously you've got experience with snows in the snow.Some people say they won't feed in the snow.How deep of snow have you seen them in?Feeding or just resting?Our snow here in w central MO has mostly melted away.Thanks Again and good luck to you to.
The t rags will work, I just thought it would hurt more than help. I have never hunted snows, but I would like to some day. Canada's will lay on the ground when there is snow on the ground to conserve energy. They will eat when snow is on the ground, remember, a goose has got to eat to stay alive. I never had the chance to hunt when snow was on the ground this year, but if I did, I would have put all the decoys on the ground and put on all the sleeper heads that I have.
I didn't mention snows did I ?Dumb of me.The t rags work good in the wind.Canada season is over here.Some say the snows won't feed in the snow.Some have been sticking around here tho, and some have said they will feed.We don't ever seem to get real deep snow here or it melts within a few days.You don't need decoys to hunt canadas here it seems like, they are everywhere!We're gonna try it in the morn but I'm not realoptimistic.Rain all day.
Sorry. :oops: All I know about snows is you need a ton of decoys and you can use e-callers and have a unplugged gun. :twisted: Sounds like fun. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Not your fault.I'll remember your tips for canadas next fall.Hope you get a chance to go after some snows.It is a blast.
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