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Hi from Bonnie Scotland

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I'm new to this forum, I live in the Highlands of Scotland and I've been looking at Layout Blinds from Cabelas and I have come up with 3 for consideration.
I was wondering if anyone over in the US would either be able to check them out in store for me or care to comment on the quality of each with a recommendation for purchase.
The 3 I'm looking at are linked below:

The requirements would be:
A safe to use piece of kit.(ie: I wouldnt be blowing my foot off with a 10 gauge lying beside me)
A waterproof dry base for use on frosty fields, wet marsh etc,.
No flapping loose canvas.
Reasonable quality build to protect from the elements.
Quick and easy to open to get at the birds.
I would be grateful for any recommendations from anyone over there that could help me.
Thanks in advance.[/url]
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Sorry for the delay in replying,
I am a member of a really good chat forum on Wildfowling in the UK that is run by the famous Wildfowler and Author, Eric Begbie at the link below:

I have posted the same question on there and have decided to go for the Interceptor from Cabelas after receiving a very comprehensive reply from one of our members. Thanks for replying ponass. I'm located 40 miles North of Inverness.
I look forward to many hours of interesting reading on this Forum too, as I am currently on an Oil Platform in the middle of the North Sea.
It keeps me going.
I hope some of the members of this Forum also sign up for the Wildfowling Forum, we havew a large contingency from the USA/Canada already, so the more the merrier.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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