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Bout time you showed up here, I was wondering how long it was going to take for you to find another of my "ponds" :lol:
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Hey plainsman you know me always scouting looking for any honey holes I can find :lol: You started your season yet? Saturday for me getting pretty anzy just want to get out set up the deks and kick back and listen and watch the skys. Takin two young troops from the base and neither have shot geese yet so I hope we atleast see a few. For me I just need to get out, getting some shooting would be great but just to get out and smell the marsh is what I need now 8) Going to start them on a small pond that I like for the early part of the season (freezes up pretty quick) then depending on how we do on Sunday I might take them to another spot in a wheat field next to a big lake for a change of pace.

Good seeing you here
Good luck and good hunting.
Only been out twice so far...season opened the 8th of Sept. here, and always, as soon as season starts work gets REALLY busy....avg.11-13 hr days GRRRR :evil: Hope your hunt goes good and lifes been getting better as of late. Keep your chin up bud :wink: . I'll see you here or at the other "ponds"[I see you found a couple new ones] :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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