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hevi shot???

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ive been to a couple of stores and none had heavi shot....where could i find it???
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Most local stores around here are out of it by the middle of Sept. :shock:
This time of year you have to try cabela's or even the hevi-shot website itself if you want any for this season.
Hevi Shot,

Just a little exspensive for the waterfowl if u ask me, i understand why people would like the "Heavier than lead" shot, but it's too pricey for the amount of hunting i do. I'll stick with the remington nitro or winchester fast steel shot. Put in the full choke and give em the 3 shot barage ull kill em just the same!!

If you have never used Hevishot, try it. Once you do, you won't go back. It is well worth the money. The way I look at it, you spend thousands of dollars on decoys, guns, clothing, blinds, etc. Not to mention all the hours of training a good lab, why sweat the cost of Hevishot? I look for every edge I can get when waterfowling. Hevishot will increase the number of birds you kill per year.

I agree with Magnum. I used to shoot strictly Bismuth and thought it was the best around untill a guy at Cabellas suggested I use Hevi. Now I'll never look back. It is far and away the best and well worth the money. Do you have to have it? Absolutely not! If you are a good caller and can decoy the birds in well and/or a great ,dead on, head shooter than steel is fine. For me a lot my shots are 35-40 yds and I need the edge, for hunters that need an edge Hevi shot gives you a good one. For guys that have them landing on you than steel is fine.
txwatrfowlr said:
ive been to a couple of stores and none had heavi shot....where could i find it???
i get all me sot at fleet farm
I also agree with magnum. Hevi shot is the ticket !! I have been hunting geese for 15 years and tried everything out there and hevi is the only thing I will ever shoot. I shoot a 20 guage and with hevi in the barrel it is like shooting a 10 guage. There is no chasing geese they are dead on impact. Most of my shots are 35 to 50 yards. It is expensive but well worth it.
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