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Hevi-Shot Recipe

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Is there a recipe that one can use for Hevi-Shot that does not require buffer, mylar, fillers, etc. ,etc.? I have loaded using all those items before when I have loaded Bismuth. I am wondering if all those things are required for Hevi-Shot. Also maybe someone can tell me why it is all necessary. ?:
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You will need buffer - for all the same reasons you need it for Bismuth. Also, make sure you are using wads that are specifically for Hevi-Shot. If you don't, you are costing yourself a lot on your pattern and effectiveness.
But does one need to use all the other stuff? And if not, is there a recipe I can use?
Order this Hevi-Shot Manual. It is the best $10 you'll ever spend. This is the one I use, and there are a ton of recipes for whatever Hevi-Shot application you are looking for. As far as fillers, etc - I just follow the recipe, if it says use it - make sure you use it. You can find the manual from this website.
Buy the manual and follow it. Never subsitute anything, ever. You need all that stuff to keep pressure down and prevent scoring in your barrel (hope I spelled all that right :lol:). They have hevi-shot kits at BPI. It will give you everything you need, just no powder. If you buy the kit, they will give you free shipping also. Good luck.
OK Thanks for your answers
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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