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Hevi-shot will be coming out with Hevi-13 sometime soon. I read about the stuff last year and now I have heard more about it today. It has a density of 13.0 g/cc and it just won the South Carolina Still Target Championship, sponsored by the National Wild Turkey Federation. I am not to sure if this stuff is still non-toxic, but I hope it is. :twisted: I am sure it will be more exspensive then Hevi-shot, but the good thing about that is that the prices should come down on Hevi-shot. :D
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Wow you must be mad at em. :p Are you shooting decoyed birds? If so you can only kill em so dead. :shock: We have four days left of our season here in Neb. and I killed 3 saturday using a 3 inch 20ga with number 4 steel. Had to work alot of geese to find some that wanted to work but glad I hung in there. We worked in a pair a single, a flock of 5 and a flock of 10. I would guess that we called at 5000 geese to get what we did. Can be very frustrating but, patience is all ways rewarded. Learned a new sound to me called the Willis off the honker talk video, boy did those geese like that.

Good Luck with what ever your hunting

Double Clucker
I love using my 20 gauge on geese. I like to shut those guys up that say "A 20 gauge is to weak for geese." :roll: I use Hevi-shot #6es on geese right now. I don't think a goose could ever be too dead. :wink: I like to shoot them at about 10 to 20 yards away. I don't really plan on using Hevi-13 on geese, I am just hoping that the price of Hevi-shot will come down.
Maybe this will make the OLD hevi-shot affordable.

Who am I kidding? :roll:
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