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Herters Full Body Decoys

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I am looking at buying some of the Herters goose decoys from Cabelas. They look alright and they're pretty cheap(12/$134.99) Has anybody hunted over them and are they any good. Thanks
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I've got a dozen I'm gonna paint into snows, they're too small.
Thanks. I think if I do buy some full bodies, I will prolly go with some bigfoots or the greenhead gear full bodies. I think they look good but I don't like the foot bases on them.
Those GHG decoys really look good, but the molds from 2003 didn't hold the paint very well, it flaked right off. The 2004 models are supposed to be better, but I'd be careful of them, still seem to flake of pretty easily.

As for myself, I'll stick to the foots!!!! 8)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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