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Here's my situation...

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I am just getting into snow goose hunting. I bought 2 dozen flambeau shells the other day. I don't have much cash to spend right now as I have just bought a new vehicle and have a son on the way. Which of the following should I buy (northwinds vs texas rags)? Is it better to have 24 shells and 12 northwinds or 24 shells and 100 rags? Thanks. ... hasJS=true ... hasJS=true
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Safty in numbers!!! Keep that in mind when hunting almost all waterfowl. go for the 24 shells and 100 rags by the time the birds relise that the rags are not geese if you can shoot they will already be dead. :twisted:

Beware of the rags in bright sunlight. They won't work. They will work on dark days. I would go all Northwinds. Try making your own.
i would go with rags they don't seem to shine too much and when hunting snow geese you need alot of decoys
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