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here comes the snow....great hunting

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sat will be awesome with the snow inbound.
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I have three years of goose hunting experience and have done well all three years. I never seem to do well after we get 3-4 inches of snow. Pretty cold temperatues (20 degrees F and below) accompany the snow. It seems that the geese spend a lot more time on the water and every so other go for a fly around, but I haven't seem them in the field that they were visiting before the snow.

I realize that location is almost everything when it comes to goose hunting. Do you try to position yourself in areas where they fly around or do you find that they still visit snow covered corn fields for feeding? Or are you hunting on the water? Do you try to shovel away some of the snow to make the landing zone in your decoys more appealing (or is this a big waste of time)? Any advice would be appreciated. Thxs
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with 3 to 4 inches of snow the geese go crazy at the sight of decoys in the field. they must think that the geese are getting food and there is no tommorrow.

i also hunt near a river and they come in to and from the water. it is about location i think. i keep a hole in the middel for them to land in and used flocked heads in a group or family groupings.

works for me at least.

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