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Im a duck hunter and am just getting into goose hunting and am using 12 ga. 3 inch mags in a mossberg that does not take 3 1/2 and am wondering what the best load would be for goose hunting ?
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My gun will also only shoot 3 in.Idealy I would use hevi shot,But I usually use either BBB or T steels.
Hevy shot sure takes em down hard, but also gives a false sense of confidence in to long of shots. I use hevishot in either B's or 2's, but still limit passing shot to 40-45 yards to keep the money well spent (dead goose) :wink:
i usally shoot 3 inch hevy shot bb or bbb but the dustance isnt the best
I have a gun that will shoot a 3.5 in shell. They are way overrated. I have killed tons of geese with cheap 2 3/4 in shells in BB. I don't take shots past about 30 yards, and they kill geese dead. Kent Faststeel is the stuff. I shot a lot of PMC 2 3/4 2s and BBs when the were on sale for $6-7 a box. Just pick shots carefully. The fun is in gettin em close, not letting loose on them at 45 yards.
I agree with nr_gooseslayer. I use the gun my grandpa bought to hunt duck with. It's a 2 3/4. I usually carry BB or BBB. Just be patient and learn how to talk like a goose. Get'em close.
The real key to killing birds is foot pounds of energy. Meaning the faster the load-the more Ft Lbs of energy (shock) which means dead birds at longer ranges.

So use High Velocity steel loads! Meaning 1500 fps or more! A 3" 1500fps bb will kill a 9 lb goose at 45 yds no problem.

As mentioned Hevishot is deadly too---but more expensive...
Have a gun that will shoot everthing. Mainly stick to 3 bb. Generaly fast loads 1450 and above. Will bring them down easily out to 40 yards. Latter in the season maybe back up with a BBB or T for the third shot.
Try WInchester High Velocity 3" shells, I shot geese at 65 yards with my patternmaster choketube and these shells!!! 8)
With the amount of shooting we do in our area hevi shot is way out of the question. what i find myself shooting is Kent Fasteel in either 3"BB or
2 3/4 #1, both of them will kill em dead, especially if you get one of them wad wizards, that is the deal
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