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Help with a guide?

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I am looking for a place to hunt with about eight people during the conservation season. I was wondering if anyone knew of a place to contact for some good shooting. I am only looking for a one day hunt. Any help would be appreciated.
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what state are you in? Im in Illionois, and could work something out with a group like that.
I am in KY. I just got back from MO where we only killed 5. I wold like to get in on a Conservation Hunt. Lets talk Money!!!
Well Tim... try this...
Go to Missouri.. in late Feb early march... Shell out the 6 bucks... get a MO sportmans atlas and start banging doors... see where the geese are using, you'll get permission..

Yeah, but your talking about ditch diving.... I am talking about having hundreds of snows sitting in my face over dekes. I agree with you though on the idea, but its just not what I am looking for!!
Hey email, and i will get you some info on IL snow goose hunting. Alot of birds and a short drive from KY,,,,,thanks
I'm not talking about sneaking and cowing.....

I'm talkin about talking a 500 hundred decoys and scouting fields.. getting permission... setting up the decoys and e-callers... decoying them and bagging them... My bunch has been doing this for years in MO and IA with excellant success.

It's very satisfying to free-lance a hunt and succeed. A memory that lasts forever

As for the "ditch runners".... each to his own... we need them boys to keep the birds moving

Tracy Northup at is the only spring outfitter I'd ever recommend.

Give Tracy a call and see if what he offers is right for you.

I'd recommend this web site

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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