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Help on a wanted on a cheap and good goose set up

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I want to know what I can get out on my feild and it work for not much money. I see that they have cheap calls and decoys. I just want to know what I can buy for around $150.00 and it work.
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There is really no such thing as a cheap good spread. There is a cheap spread and there is a good spread. For $150 I think I would buy a dozen shells. and a tflag. Don't really have money for anything else unless I am forgeting something.
buy four bigfoots, and a sean mann flute, call within yur realm of calling, and take smart shots you will do ok
Right now Bass Pro has avery shells for $90 for twelve add motion stakes for another 14 and a goose flute $30. Find a good place to hide and try not to kill them all.
For $150 I would either get shells and motion stakes or silos. Buy a poly call, a short reed if you want to put in some practice. Winglock has some good deals on some wood calls, too. If you can't swing a T flag after that, take a Black T shirt and buy 3 dowel rods. One for the handle and two for the "wings". Screw them together and you have a cheap T flag that will work until you get some more cash saved up. Dont't forget that shotgun shells will run you a decent chunk of cash too. This time of year you can find some good deals on about everything so you may want to keep your eyes open- especially on the classifides you can get some good deals on used.
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