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Hi, Guys, I'm new here just found you plinkin' around. Looks like a pretty good bunch. I live in WV (and yes I can tell hillbilly jokes) and have hunted geese for about 35 years in the finger lakes of New York state. Even Guided some in my younger years. My how things have changed- my buds and I still talk about the days of LEAD shot.
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Im from WV too.What part of WV?I live and hunt in Preston county.
Hey guys!I, too , was curious about what part of WV you and Polarbear are from.I live and hunt in OK, but my wife is from Parkersburg,WV.Been curious for a long time about what the goose hunting is like in WV.I know you guys have got the deer! :) :)
Guys, I'm in the eastern panhandle, actually not too far from D.C. We have a few resident geese, at least I get to watch a few from time to time. I travel to the finger lakes in New York to hunt, but perhaps could get together with Gooseman601. :)
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