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Hello, New to site

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Hi guys, i am new to this site, I love waterfowl hunting but have not had the opportunity to go for the last two years, :cry:. I hope to check in daily, see how things are going for everyone, I live in South Dakota and its pure torture seeing the Big canadian Honkers flying over these last two years and no time or place to hunt. By the way, is there an actuall chat room associated with this sight or is it only these forums?
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Where at in SD are you from? I spent all summer in the Black Hills around Keystone on a firefighting internship.
Hey, i am in South Central South Dakota, Near winner, About an hour from the Missouri river
I know exactly where you are. Drove by the exit on my way home. Love the people up there. Might go test for the Rapid City Fire Department in February.
Hey Gooseslayer, keep me informed about that Black hills firefighter job, Maybe we can trade hunts, I can take you Goose hunting on the central flyway if you find a good Bowhunting area in the Balck Hills. :)
I know where to deer hunt there. Saw them while I was driving an engine checking the fire roads. Got pics of them too. I can give you an idea of where to hunt ( i know how to get there, you may not). We fought a fire right on the edge of this area. It is called Government fields. I can try and describe how to get there if you need more info.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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