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Heartland Calls

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Anyone have any experience with heartland calls?

I'm looking into the flatliner in particular. How does it blow?
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Very nice calls! Easy blowing and has a good range in volume and tone. Been on my lanyard all season.
Anyone know about Gardiner Calls? Duck or goose. :roll:
You wont be disappointed with a heartland...i currently own 3...give Brian a call, he will set ya up.
Bryan just dropped the price of his calls too. I have the flatliner and the pipsqueek, love 'em both. Plus he has excellent customer service.
Hope this helps
I ordered the pip last week, it was a tough choice between that and the flatliner...or was it the delrin? I've heard the soundfiles on all his calls except the stagefright[ which supposed to rock]....they all sound great
Great easy blowing calls! I have pretty much one of each and the new Stage Fright is something else. It may replace the Flatliner as my favorite. As others have said, give Brian a call, he will get you well fitted with a call.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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