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Heartland and GK Calls

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What do you think about the Heartland and Greg Keats goose calls how do they sound and how easy are they to operate?

Which call maker produces the better goose call
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I own a Heartlands pip-squeek and do like it for the loudness and speed. I have heard the honker calls they produce, and have to say they are good. I have never used or even heard a Keats call so I can't help you there.
Heatland and Keats both make a pretty good call. But, there are a lot better ones out there for the money. The Keats call looks a lot better than it sounds - your paying a lot for the "look".
Mac when will you have sound files of the calls you make?
Heartland and Keats are Ok, but are others I like better. BTW...Keats is not GK, but I like GK quite a bit!
gk and keets are two different call makers keets suck gk stans for giant killer the make a great call the call company i blow for final glide,we use there guts go on gk's web page just put in gk calls the have sound files for all there call. the gk call has won many contest in the past year and the 4th and 5th place at world were blowing them
I didn't really like the keats call I had and sold it. I would love to try a GK out some day.
i have a gk giant killer and don't like it but would like to get rid of it
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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