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Hayes Calls?

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Has anybody had any experience with Hayes goose or duck calls?
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i like haydels duck calls there cheap and sound better than many high end calls
Yes... I bought one last Dec. of e-bay and I love it ... Killed a ton of geese this fall with it. Matter of fact with the gang of 4 to 5 guys I hunt with every Saturday we've shoot 112 as of yesterday. It was around $60 and well worth it. I did some reserch on Bob Hayes and his calls first and his profile on e-bay was A+. I emailed Bob himself and asked him some Q. about his calls and his hunting experiance and it was A+ info, So I took the chance of wasteing $60 and it was well wearth it.. Been goose hunting for 20 years and $ for $ its the best call I ever had.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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