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haydel goose calls

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i was just wondering if anyone has used the haydel line of goose calls.
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Years ago I bought a H81 honker call. It was a good beginner's call, as I could make decent sounds out of the package. After I advanced to a short reed a few months later, I gave it to the kids. Have not tried any other goose calls by them.
I bought a MH-00 Magnum Honker and I like it. But I've switched to a short reed and only carry it on the lanyard for a backup.

For the same price, which is 30 bucks, you can get a Tru-tone polycarbonate goose call that sounds awesome.

Haydel doesn't have a bad call, but you can do a lot more with a short reed. I also have a Buck Gardner polycarb I bought for 20 bucks at Bass Pro and with a little tuning and a different reed, it was the easiest call to blow.

Just my 2 cents, hope this helps.
You get what you pay for. Haydel makes an ok call for the money you spend. They aren't the best but aren't the worse either. If they wrok for you use it, if not look into something else.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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