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hey everyone give me some advice on the hardcore decoys...... i am going to be getting a large ammount of decoys and its between the bigfoots and hardcores. i have 2 doz GHG and i hate um.... ya they look good but they hold up like a wet peice of TP with a bowling ball on it!! :lol: the guy i hunt with has like 9 doz bigfoots but i was thinking about getting some hardcores to put upwind. i would prolly get close to four dozen. but i need to know if they are reliable and if they will last. i will have a trailer to stack um in but i dont know how well they hold up......... so tell me everything you guys know about them.
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I don'town any but have quite a few pass through my hands, never really impressed by how well the paint adheres, reminds me of the 2003 Avery's. Otherwise, they have a lot of awesome poses, I really LOVE the greeter cocked sideways. Not a huge fan of the bases, but bet they hold up well in the wind. Remeber, just my .02
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