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Hardcore vs Greenhead

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Guys i'm 29 yrs old from eastern canada. need ur help. looking to get into guiding but need some gear, good gear! I've hunted over a buddies GHG but those HC look awsome, lil more pricy but are they worth it.Only planning on getting 36 or so with about 160 silos so the best decoy is what i need.
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then if your looking for a good decoy i would buy either of those i would go with bigfoots with out a question. The hc and ghg both won't last like the bigfoots.
Definitely the big foots, over either the Hardcores or the GHG's. if it is the flocking on the GhG's that you want then you can get cheap flocking kits off of ebay to flock the bigfoots.
I cant say anything about the hardcore, I have never hunted over them, however, I bought a couple dozen ghg this year and sold them after 2 weeks of using them. They look really good, HOWEVER, they are the most UN-DURABLE decoy I have ever seen. I had two heads strip off, and Paint and Flocking coming off of virtually every one of them. Unless you can somehow Transport and store them each in an individual bag or something I would stay away from them. They do look really, really realistic but if you want durability, (which if you are guiding, durability will be key) then I would stick with the big foots, and if your after the flocked heads, buy a kit and do them yourself, its not very hard. Just my two cents.
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