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Hardcore Decoys

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Talk about the worse experience of my life. Quality control is poor and delay after delay. Worse customer service I've seen.

There business model is horrible. 50% down is too much for decoys 6 months down line, if you are lucky.

Anyone else have problems with them?
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It's quite common actually. I know quite a few people who've had to wait, and I've even heard one guy who had to wait 10 months.

They have resellers, not a bad idea to cancel your order (if possible) and check them out if they have some in stock.

I have 4 dozen, and to be brutally honest I wish I would've spent my money on bigfoots. Nothing againt Marcus and Corey, they have a great looking product but the durability is poor. I've tried to baby them but after a hard season they are all scratched up.

My .02
I saw their decoys up close and personal back in August--I was not impressed. And this is after a overhaul in that them are using a different plastic for their bodies from last year (many broken heads, etc last year). There were splits in the plastic down about 1/2" to 2" long by the leg holes on about 2 of 3 decoys--some had splits on both legs holes. I also heard they now went to a 10 day return policy this past summer, and guys that did not inspect their dekes got screwed.

I'll stick with the Big Foots thank you.

I should point this out-----I am not a pro team member for any hunting merchandise or work for a sporting goods concern or anything like that.
How do you guys transport your big foot decoys to the field? I went to the store and was going to buy some big foots, but dear God. If you bought 1 dozen you wouldn't be able to fit them in your truck with out having them bang up against something, unless you brought a trailer. I would like to buy some big foots but its just to bulky, all stick with shell decoy for now.
regarding the bigfoot goose decoys, the oversize or supermag decoys are great for adding to your existing collection of smaller mag or silowete decoys, you are correct in saying there is know way to get a dozen to your favorite hunting spot. the best way to use supermag decous is to add three or four of them to your existing set, different size and style decoys is key to any good decoy spread
ABout transporting Full Bodies, I use a trailer. Word of advice---buy it much bigger than you think you will need--you will not regrett it.
i live about 30 minutes away from the hardcore head quarters in boise. i ordered my decoys in mid november and 8 weeks later i got a call saying they were done. so i went to pick up my dozen --- wrong i picked up 8 they said i didnt order a dozen.BS check the reciet sure a **** i ordered a dozen and they said sorry. two weeks later i got my other four. only one day in the field and they were scratched to hell. dont get me wrong i love em but too much money for the quality. about the wait, those guys need some help they are way short handed. i hope to start working for them.
Just to let you know that I experienced same problems (paint peelling, head and leg insert breaking) with FLATLAND decoys, 75% of the decoys did not last an entire season.

Josh. :x
any one have any comments on final approach decoys. i use ghg decoys now and there paint sucks. trying to decide wither to go with bigfoot or fa brand next year. i like the motion on the ghg. any input would be great. thank you
i would go with bigfoot. but i'm rough with my equipment so their durability is what i need in the field. i transport all my decoys using a trailer. and h2o said it right. go bigger you wont regret it. i went with a 6x12 and have filled that thing to the brim with decoys and glad i didnt go any other way
im ruff on my stuff to. havent got a trailer yet i carry all my stuff in the back of my pick up with a cargo net it aint to bad cuz i do a lot of hunting by myself and a truck load is all i care to carry out. but i do think i am going with big foot any comments on there speck decoys
spend your money on bigfoots and to TWISTEDSNAP dont spend your money on FA they are junk. I bought dozens of the eliminators and they are the worst purchase on deks ever, do yourself the favor and go with bigfoot or ghg
I bought the "NEW" Hard Cores last summer and i've been very happy the paint held up great and I love the motion bases they have really done a great job with there new style goose decoy. Glad there back!
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