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I hunted this morning, the NW wind was a killer. The wind was blowing approx. 20-25 mph i placed my spread in the nike swoosh 300 deks. The main concentration was toward the Nw. I hunted along the south side a dirt levee of the rice field. The spread was about 40 yrds from me. I had a roost approx 1 mile to the notrth. The geese would come in my direction, but i could not get them to respond to my spread. I managed to get three ross geese and on speck. All of them came in from behind me as they should have.

Was i doing something wrong? does any one have any suggestions, besides staying in bed when the wind is blowing this hard?

Thanks, for the comments.

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I'm not sure if I can help you on any points except the wind part. I had one of my best days EVER goose hunting with gusts up to 40 mph. I hunt with rags, so this wind had my rags looking sorry and skinny, BUT there was some nice movement to em. When the geese did come in, they came in low and fast and didn't waste any time circling. They wanted to get out of the wind bad! My buddy and I got our limits within the first half hour of spotting birds....So my advice is don't necessarily stay in bed because of the wind! :D
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