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i was wondering if any of you use over unders for waterfowl and what guns you use
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Kind of. I bought a charles daly field III recently and have to wait to next year to try it out but I will be using it. Ive shot trap and rabbits with it.

Beretta Onyx 3 1/2". Got it two years ago as a birthday present from the boss(see also wife). It was pricey, but really nice. And I've saved a lot of money in not using the third shell chasing after missed birds.
3" browning gold 20ga
Depends on how I feel
SKB 585 Waterfoweler 30 barrels 3 1/2 " chambers
11-87 sp 26" barrel
870 express
870 express super mag

Wont use a 2 shooter for waterfowl. Killed alot of birds with the 3rd shell.

870 mag for ducks
870 super mag for geese
I use the 835. Still looking for my first tripple. I would love to get into a 935 but can't go 475 for it. I'll stick with my 835 till I tripple.. Then I'm going with a bow.. LOL..
if you can shoot no need for a 3rd shot especially when md bag limit is one goose early season and two geese late season.
While I would like to have an o/u, I still probably wouldn't use it waterfowl hunting.
I have a Gold 3.5, BPS 10ga, Nova, and a 870.

I'll probably add an 11-87 and an A5 to the cabinet soon.
romancenturian said:
if you can shoot no need for a 3rd shot especially when md bag limit is one goose early season and two geese late season.
Not all hunting zones have such meager limits. Up here, I'm allowed 8 ducks,8 Canada geese and 20 snow geese a day. The 3rd has done it's fair share of damage.....nothing like making a triple to get everybody worked up :twisted:
you are lucky that your bag limits are that good. hopefully we will have 2 and 2 this year for geese. ducks we are pretty liberal on bag limits.
I was amazed two years ago when I was at the Worlds there in Easton. I just couldn't believe that you only had a one goose limit, as I saw tons of geese there. I really enoyed it there, about the only place out east I would live.

Here in Missouri we have a early season, and a split regular season. Usually it is a limit of 3-2-2, but last year it went to 3-2-1 due to the terrible hatch up north. Hope it gets better this year.
I got lucky with wife the other day.. GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER!!!! LOL... She turned me loose at the sporting goods shop.. Guess who got a new 935!!!! OH YEA BABY!!!!! I can't wait to try it. I only had one condition with getting it. I have to seel the 835. Any one interested?? Let me know.. I'll be gunning for that tripple now!!!
just wondering if you know when we get the season dates and bag limits romancenturian?
determined by usfws based on hatch. i would assume that it should be done quickly as the canadian season (up there) starts sept 1st.

dates are alredy posted in the md guide that you get with the hunting lic i believe. need to get me lic for dove season asap!

shot some clays over the weekend to get ready.

take care,

just saw in the star democrat that we are stuck with the same limits as last year. there is a public forum at chesapeake college in a week or so on it, not that it will change anything.
ok hopfully next year we can get 2 all year long
i think we get two geese longer this yr.
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