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guns for sale

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rem 870 exp supermag, vr bbl screw in chokes.....250.00
rem 870 express w/ mossy oak cammo stock, forearm, sling...225.00
rem sportsman 12 30" vr bbl.....175.00

all 12 gauge guns excellent cond. email me for pics, must ship to ffl for transfer. 20.00 per gun shipping or will consider pkg deal on all. make offer.


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sportsman 12 and 870 exp with cammo stock are gone. all that is left is the 870 exp supermag.
are you a gun dealer? if so i was wonderin if you can take a second and help me with something, i own a remington sportsman(almost same as model 11 i believe) last patent date 1906, amazing cond., a browning 2000 made in belgium and assembled in portugal no date i use it goosein and its great, and a model 12 last patent 1913 also in awesome cond. I was just writing to see what these guns were worth, I appreciate it greatly, thanks for your time.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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