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Dear Fellow Hunters: I'm fairly new to this website, but think it's very informative. U's have some good advice. Here's a little for you hunters in Illinois, or plan to come to Illinois for a hunt. Our governor has announced today {03-05} that he's starting a gun trafficing taskforce for the guns that come into the Illinois state, so if your coming or plan to come to my state be sure to have your documents close by. U see, I can't speek for anyone else, but I'd like to see the violence curved a bit buy getting conceled carry put in place. I believe that if the law-abiding citizens were aloud to defend themselve, the criminals would think twice. Nevertheless, in my oppion this recent ploy is another way to essablish that since other states have lesser laws, that it's easier for criminals to get ahold of them, and therefore gun control should be like Soros would have it, and that would be, no guns in the public hands at all. So be awhere my fellow sportsman, that you could be in for a terrible hunting trip if your papers aren't in order. Just to let you know there were 2 states that agreed to monitor gun registration, Indiana was one, but the other one doesn't come to mind right now. Just keep your guard up. Know the rules, and hunt safe.
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For everyone who does not live in Illinois our govenor is an idiot. The only place he cares about is Chicago. Although waterfowl bag limits are are becoming more fair in the different zones in illinois, i think Mr. Blagovewhatever is still favoring the north. By the time the season opens in the south the birds are holding in norhtern illinois or have gone south. They don't return until the season is closed. Some lobbists in kentucky and some other states asked our govenor to to have stricter limits on waterfowl seasons. So in essence ppl in the southern zone are getting screwed. Last season the northern zones quota was close to 20,000, central zone clost to 17,000, and souther zone a whoping 8900. Hmmm?? Somethings fishy there. Anyways I could go on all day about this idiot of a govenor, but that's what illinois gets for voting democrat.
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