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GreenHead Shells w/motion stakes VS Full Bodies

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I keep hearing horrible things about the flocking on the fulll bodies and the paint, I though am planning on picking up 3 dozen GfreenHead shells this summer, just sold off most of my carrylites and was just wondering are these as undurable as the FB's? Thanks
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I thought that the shells are somewhat light and a little more pliable than my flambeau shells but than again my flambeau shells are a little bigger also i noticed that the shells are more durable than the fullbodies the shells I looked at the paint didn't scratch off like on some of the fullbodies so I guess it is up to you what consider durable
GHG shells with motion stakes IMO. Give more motion than a fullbody and are a lot eaiser to carry around (and they look just as good from the sky).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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