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Greenhead Gear® Over-Size Series™ Canada Goose Shells

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I am going to buy myself a Christmas present and found these.
Have any of you guys had these? I was going to buy the replacement heads in sleeper for when there is snow on the ground. Can these have motion stakes? One more thing, how do I make the url smaller, so the page is not huge? Thank you.
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I have some 03 shells. They work very well and the only thing you have to do is drill a hole for the motion stakes. Paint is pretty good on the shells, and have taken much more of a beating than my floaters have. I don't have the sleeper heads but have thought about getting some for the late season.
I have some they look real nice. I recommend some of these decoys.
Ive got some of these, they are the only ghg goose decoy I will buy again, they are really nice and seem to be fairly durable, alot more than I can say for my ghg full bodies.
I have the ghg full bodies and like them a lot. No paint coming off and no flocking coming off yet. I really dislike the foot bases. They are so hard to get on, so I just leave them on there and take the heads off.
We have some of those too. They are some very nice decoys. I can't wait to get more in the spred.
I got some and I love them espicially for the price. Put on the motion stakes and they look just like a fullbody.
Right now they are on sale as Bass Pro for $90. Will be buying mine soon. Along with the motion stakes. I'm also thinking about putting the stakes on my GHG full bodies so the bases can stay at home.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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