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greenhead decoys on sale for 119.00/6 at cabelas

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just ordered some greenhead gear flocked heads for 119.00 from cabelas. used them for the 1st time last year and did not experience any problems with paint as i have read on this site. they looked as real as the actual geese. we teamed them up with some flocked head bigfoots and they worked great. the bf were the sentrys and the greenheads were the feeders. about 3/1 heavy mix on feeders

they are 10.00 off right now so that covered my shipping.
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I just got back from Gander Mountain and got 6 feeders for $99 and another 6 lookers for $110, seemed like a really good deal, maight have to get another 6 feeders next week. Not sure how long it'll last.
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