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Goose Status? (Colorado)

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Hey there- Goin out to hunt this weekend about 15 miles south of Ft. Collins Colorado. Are they flying? Anyone know?
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hey man were are you hunting at? i hunt in loveland and i have shot 25 birds this season they are flying like crazy. i got a few great places to go though that are super private........... so that might be why i am getting them west side of I25 not a whole lot east that i have seen the birds that are out her east are all flying high and they are on a mission. i also have been going with some friends to a place in collins and we have been doing great there. the guy i go with has like 8 or 9 doz bigfoots and i got like 2 doz GHG so we do pretty good up there.. at my other place though, i just throw out my decoys and we have been killing them there. just today i limited out there and we had 5 land in us.......... we shoulda had more land in us but we didnt let some of the birds come down completly getting a lil exited...... lol but were have you been hunting at?
We got skunked. We saw about 1000 birds, but none were close enough to shoot at. had about 50 decoys out. we were 1.5 miles west of i-25 on hwy 60 towards Campion. There's birds out there, they just weren't interested in flying over our blind.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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