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goose shell blinds?

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Has anyone used the goose shell laydown blinds. I saw them in cableas for $70 and thought they looked interesting. With the skirt they sell for it, it looks like it would be a winner. If anyone uses one let me know how you like it. Thanks
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I've used them for years, they work well but are more cumbersome than layout blinds. Your view is not as good as with layouts either but for 70.00 versus 250.00 you can see the difference!
Thanks for the info, do you use the pivoting base or the skirt? the price definatly increases, but i wasnt sure if it helps? Went to your website, bein an outfitter looks like one hell of a good time. Thanks again
I just use the basic shell blind, no pivoting base and without the skirt. I take silo dekes and put them around the base of the chair to further hide. I use these things to hunt ducks in flooded fields and they work great as well. Hope this helps!

p.s. the outfitters things is a whole lot more fun than my real day job!!!
Last year I bought one late in the season, on sale. I used it 3 or 4 times without a skirt or swivel. I did cover my legs with some burlap and threw some corn stuble on it. The blind worked just fine and I was able to suck geese within 20 yards. Go for it. Yes they work.
Thanks for the info and tips fellas. Good luck goosin!
I used one this week end and today they work great except you have limited visibility. (I think your talking about the shell decoy that has slits in it you look through and when you shoot you lift up the shell part and "take em")

cant see any thing until they are in front of you
other than that they work great.
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