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to whom it may concern.

i am writing to you for your help on how to make a potato stuffing for a goose. i have very little knowledge on how to cook a potato stuffing. i would greatly appreciate any information on how to make such a dish or if this dish would suit a goose that will be eatin for christmas. Thank you for your help.

merry christmas and a happy new year

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I like to take the breasts and cut them into nice small steaks and make a small cut horizontally so that you are almost cutting the steak in half. It liks if you cut a hamberger in half so that you have two patties only thinner. Then soak them in water for abotu 12 hours to get the blood out of the meat, making sure the change the water as needed. Then marinade them in Italian dressing for about 12 hours. Once they are done being marinaded take them out and put a hot pepper in the small cut that you made earlier. Then wrap bacon around the steaks with a pepper in them and put them on the grill. This seems to be the best waY I have found to do them on a grill.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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