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By request, now available.

Enjoy. :)
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I need good recipes. I have a lot of goose in my freezer and i need a new one, i do the shicabobs (?) and marinade the goose in bbq sauce and through it on the grill. ANY suggestions would be great. Thanks
Just tried a new recipe tonight. Its great. Slice the goose breast into very thin pieces and soak them in salt water overnight. Rinse and through in the crockpot. cover with bbq sauce and cook all day. Shread and ad more bbq. It's as good as bbq beef sandwiches and gets rid of all that goose!!

Jerky is also good. Use the Jerky packets that Jim Zumbo is on, High country I think. Put in dehydrater or oven. Great for the blind!
I slice the breast in half so not as thick, tenderise, bread as normal and fry. Tastes like and chicken nuget but better! Great for the kids.
I know a lot of you hunters don't like the taste of goose and are always looking for ways to rid the taste. I decided to do some experementing with ground goose ( for burgers, tacos, burritos, etc.) and when I tried the burger I thought it was interesting how much taste was taken out of it. I could still taste the gamy taste but bland goose is just beef right? It really wasent that bad but they were a lot denser then hamburgers and the elk burgers I make. Just fry um up long and slow to get the Juices out if you dont like the taste of goose.
I roast a Canada Goose like a turkey, but I marinate the goose for a day before I roast it. I will then roast it in an enamel roasting pan using plenty of prepared vegtables (carrots, celary, mushrooms, onions, ect) these vegtables help keep the goose moist., before I stuff the goose with the vegtables, I will marinate them using italian dressing. While roasting the goose, I will frequently baste it, and check up on it. It is very important not to overcook it. Before it is ready, I will remove the lid of the baking pan to brown the exterior of the goose.
Anybody have a recipe for goose sausage? I HAVE ABOUT 30LBS of snow goose breasts that I want to make sausage out of. I have made sausage from deer before.
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