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goose jerky

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hey all i was just wondering if anyone else has made goose jerky thats what i mainly make outa all my goose and i think its awsome especially since i have somethin to eat while im waiting on them to come to the dekes let me know what you all think about it and if you have tried it thanks
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That is the only thing that I do with my geese it is easy to make and it saves alot of money eating homemade jerky instead of buying it
Would one of you be willing to throw a recipe my way? Do you make it like venision jurky?

we just get a jerky mix that you can get at the store cant think of what its called at the time but when i find it ill let ya know jerky is the only way i can eat goose unless im all liquored up and cook it on the grill
I have two of them for ya 1st you can cut the breast into strips about 1/4 thick and after you do that to the whole breast then place the meat in a container and add an even mix of worchester and soy sauce to the same container you can always put liquid smoke to taste and black pepper even BBQ sauce make sure that the all of the meat is covered with marinade and marinade the meat in a fridge at least over night then dry it in an oven or meat drier/dehydrator you can find the temp you need for your oven on various websites

2nd you take as much meat as you can off of the bird and grind it then go buy a pre-prepare jerky seasoning kit which just about every grocery store has and follow the instructions, make sure you know how much the meat weighed so you add the right amount of seasoning after it is mixed then you can roll the meat using a rolling pin and some wax paper I like to put two rulers spaced with the meat in the middle which has wax paper on the bottom and on the top of it it makes it easier to make an uniform size, or if you have a jerky shooter or similar product just fill it up with the mixture and shoot it

If you want it spicy add your favorite type of pepper and experiment with it
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Thanks guys Ill give it a try it sounds really good
heres my own receipe
mix these ingredients
1 cup vinegar , 1/8 cup chili powder
1 cup worchestershire , 1/8 cup cayenne powder
1/2 cup of water , 1/8 cup pepper
1/8 cup garlic powder , 1/8 cup salt
1/8 cup oonion powder , 1/2 cup liquid smoke

after mixing add 1/8 " strips of meat let marinade 10-12 hrs,squeeze excess juice from meat .hang in oven racks by toothpicks turn oven on 160 and crack door open 2-4 inchs.put alum foil in bottom of oven to catch drippings.takes 3-6 hrs to dry

awesome jerky
You may want to try Hi Mountain jerky seasoning. They have several flavors available. I like the original with a bit of garlic powder and some Tony Chacheres creole seasoning. They say to put it on dry, but I like to put it in a plastic bag with some water and liquid smoke. If you want I can email you the recipe I use. Mark
It's what I do with our geese as well and with High Mountain Jerky. Have gotten good comments on it and my labs like it to :p !
:rolling: tasting there final product of the retrieve
I use eastmans High Mountain jerky seasoning. I perfer cracked pepper and garlic but there are many flavors to choose from. The directions come with the mix and we have smoked and dehidrated the jerky. The smoked i though was better but everybodys got a different taste they like.
I always make mine from scratch. But I've never used a recipe. I just throw some ingredents together. For some reason, it all tastes the same.
i just smoked a batch tonight with the High Moutain pepper seasoning and it was realy tasty- i recommend it
I'm making goose jerky for the first time. I have heard that fowl meat has to be slightly cooked first. Is this true?
For those that use a dehydrator to make your jerky, do you know what temperature the meat will get cooked at? I put a meat thermoter in a larger peice of jerky and it got to 140 deg. I have a older dehydrator with only one heat setting. They say now you need to cook the meat to 165 deg for the bird flu and other bacteria. I now use jerky racks in the oven at 200 deg for 2 hours. My jerky is now better than before when I used a dehydrator. :beer:
stretch7 said:
I'm making goose jerky for the first time. I have heard that fowl meat has to be slightly cooked first. Is this true?
I have never heard of that or done it. I've been making jerky for years. I've also used numerous commerial type packs for jerky. They supply everything but the meat. None of them have mentioned slightly cooking it first.
Anyone have a preference between drying the jerky in a smoker or a dehydrator?
hey sudden/impact I made your jerky and its awesome
I'm bringing this thread back to life, theres already some good information in here so I dont see the need to start a new one. After reading this, I think it might be time for a new dehydrater as my cooking times seem to be about double of what everyone elses it. Any recommendation on a new dehydrater? Whats your guys normal cooking time from start to finish, and at what temperture? Usually takes me anywhere from 6-10 hours to dehydrate mine, which seems like way to long after reading this thread.

Also lets here some more recipes, I need a new one for this fall.
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