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Goose Hunting Season is fastly approaching!!!

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Counting down 2 weeks.....!!!!!

I can hardly sleep!
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I'm hearin ya Chex!

12 days and counting!!!..........
Has anyone heard the dates for Missouri's early goose season?
This should help...although I can't tell if that applies to the fall of 03 or just the spring: ... o/seasons/
Well folks yes the count down has started I been scouting birds find them get a game plan then there gone ... Being It starts on the first of sept need to put in some overtime ... the Birds I do see are with in the city limits will folks need to do some home work ..
Right now, scouting is scary. The best thing to do is just find the field or potential field they'll be in. Get the permission and hope. Seems like more and more people are hunting these seasons and farmers already have hunters. I've been getting wheat and oat fields(un-cut fields even) ahead of time. Sure hurts the pay check with gas being what it is these days. What can I say, I'm a slave just like we all are on here. Just one of the few things on this earth being obsessed with is ok! The field you'll kill em' in on the opener is the field they're in the day before the opener.
good huntin,
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