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Goose hunting in panhandle of Texas

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I was just wondering if anybody hunts in the panhandle and what spreads they use. How was last season for you guys.


Kill the ones with silver
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I am moving to Lubbock this summer (I lived near Dallas for about 15 years)! I am taking some time off college, starting a lawn care business, and getting out of Chicago (where I currently go to school). one of the reasons I chose Lubbock was the Geese! I can't wait to kill some ducks and geese again!

Looks like BHO kills a lot of geese!

my name is geoff coffman, i just started a waterfowl business north of lubbock and we have had a a great season so far. last weekend 7 of us shot a two day total of 42 geese 80 duckes and 21 snows, and it will only get better.
happy hunting
I've seen some good numbers of geese in town already. It's gonna be a great year.
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